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Sir Vac and Sew

About Sir Vac & Sew in Orlando, FL

Sir Vac & Sew has been family owned and operated since 1962. First established by Jim and Nancy Campbell, their children now own the company and carry on their legacy today. We pride ourselves on providing you with excellent customer service.
We are proud to announce that we are moving to a new building. Stop by today to see our new and improved showroom!

Our Team

At Sir Vac & Sew, we strive to educate our team on how to provide the right solutions for your needs. We promise you will be 100% satisfied when you choose us. From bag-less to HEPA vacuums, we understand there are lots of factors to consider when purchasing a new vacuum. We will help you decide the right tools for your home or business.
Call Sir Vac & Sew today at 407-831-8282 and let our professionals help you make the right choice!